Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Don't mess with a Japanese...

First school day in an American School. The female teacher introduces a new student. Sakiro Suzuki (son of Sony CEO).

The class starts:
Teacher: "let's see who masters the American Culture History. Who said: GIVE ME THE FREEDOM OR THE DEATH". It was quiet in the class.
Suzuki rises the hand: " Patrick Henry 1775 in Philadelphia" "Very good Suzuki."

And who said: "The State is the people. The people may not go down."
Suzuki stands: :" Abraham Lincoln 1863 in Washington." The teacher look at the students and says: "Shame you. Suzuki is Japanese and knows the American History better than you".

A voice is coming out from background: "Kiss my ass, you damned Japanese" "Who said that?" the teacher screams.
Suzuki rises the hand and without waiting he says: " General McArthur 1942 at Panama Canal and Lee Iacocca 1982 in the BOD meeting of General Motor."

The class is super quiet. From behind: "I must vomit"
The teacher screams: "Who was that?"
Suzuki answers: "George Bush Senior to Japanese First Minister Tanaka during lunch in Tokyo 1991."

One of the students stands and screams angrily: "Blow me one"
The teacher upset: "Now stop. Who was that now?"
Suzuki without blinking the eye: "Bill Clinton to Monica Levinsky 1997 in Washington in oval room of the White House."

Another students stands and screams: "Suzuki damned you"
Suzuki says: "Valentino Rossi in Ryo at Grand Prix Motorcycle racing in South Africa 2002."

The class falls in hysteria, the teacher becomes unconscious. The door opens and the principal comes in: "Fuck, I have never seen such a mess."
Suzuki: "German Chancellor Schroeder after he was betrayed in the budget by Finance Minister Eichel."

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