Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Memo around the office

The following is a story of how an "official" memo is being passed around hierarchy-ly in a company, from the Director to the staff.

From: Director - To: General Manager
"There will be a sun eclipse tomorrow morning, at nine. This is not an event that we can see everyday. To experience this occurance, all the staffs are to gather at the field with proper attire. I will explain this rare nature phenomenone. If it rains, however, we won't be able to see the eclipse, so let us gather in the canteen instead."
From: General Manager - To: Manager
"On Director's order, tomorrow at 9 am there will be a full sun eclipse. But if it rains, we won't be able to gather and see it in full attire. Therefore, the occurance of the missing sun will be explained by the Director in the canteen. This is not something that we can see everyday."

From: Manager - To: Supervisor
"According to the the Director's order, tomorrow we will see the sun gone in canteen, at 9 am, with proper attire. The Director will explain whether tomorrow will rain. This is not something we can see everyday"

From: Supervisor - To: Coordinator
"If it rains at the canteen tomorrow, it is something we cannot see everyday. The Director with proper attire, will dissappear at nine."

From: Coordinator - To: All staffs
"Tomorrow morning, gather at the canteen at nine, the Director will disappear. Too bad, we cannot see it everyday."

From: Staff to Staff
"It is better if he disappears..

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