Friday, November 10, 2006

What kind?

An American and a Japanese were sitting on the plane on the way to LA when the American turned to the Japanese and asked : "What kind of "-ese" are you ?"
The Japanese, confused and replied, "
Sorry but I don't understand what you mean."
The American repeated, "What kind of "-ese" are you ?"
Again, the Japanese was confused over the question.
The American, now irritated, then yell, "What kind of -ese are you?? Are you a Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.........?"
The Japanese then replied, "Oh, I'm a Japanese !"

A while later, the Japanese turned to the American and asked, " What kind of "-key" are you ?"
The American, frustrated, yelled, "What you mean what kind of "-key" I am ?"
The Japanese said, " Are you a monkey, donkey or a Yankee?"

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